It’s difficult to compare Light Chrome to any other Swarovski crystal. This stone is enchanting and draws attention, especially when it catches the rays of sun. It resembles a mirror but without reflecting everything perfectly, and the metallic surface awes women of all ages, occupations and tastes. Light Chrome is a merge of universality and uniqueness. 

In this article we will take a closer look at the classic combinations of SPARK silver jewelry with Light Chrome and minimalistic outfits in three timeliness colours. 


White Elegance  

You put on a white shirt, jeans, heels in your favorite color and applied a matching lipstick. Now you’re asking yourself-which purse? Our advice: Black. You surely have one in your collection. Now add some Light Chrome jewelry and you’ll look like million dollars! White looks great in such combination. It does not clash with the metallic shine of the crystals, but rather creates a perfect backdrop for them. Classic and simple. You can wear this combo every day, and with proper make-up you can transform the urban look into modern evening clothes. The modest Light Chrome sparkle will bring life to the classical outfit without taking away your feminity. 

Black in a New Light 

We could write essays about how universal and timeless black is, but for now let’s focus on bringing more out of this color than ever before! They say that “black goes with everything”, but is it true the other way round? Here is where things get a bit complicated. Pink earrings with small black dress, but without any other pink accessories look like a random matchup. That’s not what we aimed for. Jewelry should complete your look and make you feel better, that’s why Light Chrome is a perfect choice. It doesn’t outshine the simple outfit, but adds class to it. 

Gray Energy 

Grey doesn’t have to be boring! You can bring new life to your gray clothes, by combining them with jewelry in metallic colours. It doesn’t take much to add spice to the “sad” outfit, and make it look like it was all on purpose. Don’t stifle your energy with ashen-gray sweaters! Trusts us, a small accessory like a necklace, ring or earrings will add more character to your look. 














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