Jewelry for mother

Exclusive jewelry for moms

There are plenty of opportunities to give a gift to your mother throughout the year. You can choose Mother's Day, Christmas, birthdays, name days, anniversaries and other occasional or unoccupied celebrations, simply for being there. Therefore, a gift should not only be unique, nice and tasteful, but also remind of the person who gave it. Such possibilities are created by jewelry for mothers, which can be adapted to the stylistic preferences of the woman who will receive it. Only the closest know what their beloved mother likes and can effectively surprise her, thus causing a huge smile, and sometimes even a tear of emotion.

In order to meet the expectations of many customers, our company has created a unique collection of exclusive jewelry for mothers designed with special aesthetic needs in mind. A wide range of original designs and fashionable shapes allows you to choose your valuables to many aesthetic tastes. Therefore, if you are looking for something special, nothing will make your mother so happy like sparkling earrings, an extravagant bracelet or a stylish necklace with crystals.

We encourage you to a unique journey in search of the only jewelry product that will keep the smile on your mother's face for a long time. It is also worth emphasizing that carefully selected valuables can prove to be the best way to show appreciation for the effort you put into your upbringing. That is why jewelry for mom as a thank you for being with you for good and bad, in every situation, from the first moments of life, is the best proof of expressing your love.

Durable and solid jewelry for mothers

When creating our offer of jewelry, we made sure that each of them was made with the greatest care and attention to detail. The use of first-class pure 925 silver in the production of jewelry for mums we sell makes it highly resistant to damage. Thanks to this, the woman who receives it will be able to enjoy the perfect look of the selected model for a very long time. Bracelets, earrings and necklaces have durable and strong fasteners that are resistant to breaking and, with proper maintenance, will serve for many years.

Our offer includes silver and gold-plated jewelry. For people looking for sophisticated jewelry, luxurious mother jewelry with crystals with original decorations awaits us. We owe the durability and uniqueness of each element to the hard work of jewelers who make every effort to ensure that the products are of the highest quality.

Silver jewelry for your mom - a variety of aesthetic styles

Are you wondering what kind of jewelry will please your mother the most? In this situation, the best solution is to follow her preferences. If your mother likes modest, minimalist valuables, it is worth choosing something simple with discreet decorations. Delicate stud earrings and pearls with screws can be a great solution. When it comes to bracelets for mom, her celebrities and models on a thin chain with a heart can make her a lot of joy. On the other hand, long necklaces for lovers of discreet elegance finished with beads or pearls will emphasize each outfit in an effective way.

For moms who love richly decorated valuables, we recommend models with designer ornaments or modern plant ornaments. They include, among others leather bracelets in fashionable colors, lined with crystals, rings with an eyelet or decorated with beautiful stones. If you are looking for a necklace for your mother, we have many models in various shapes in our offer. There are, among others Alcantara models available in modern colors and richly made with crystals.

Jewelry for the mother-to-be

Our offer also includes elegant valuables that can be given to a future mother. People going to a baby shower or wanting to give a gift to a loved one expecting a baby, can choose delicate jewelry for the mother-to-be, with discreet decorations. For pregnant women, it is worth choosing jewelry made of pure silver or opt for beautifully shimmering gold-plated silver. These types of valuables are universal and have a timeless design. After birth, they will certainly look with sentiment on the gift they receive and will be happy to wear this jewelry for many occasions.

Jewelry for a newly minted mother is also a good idea, which will be associated with a wonderful period in life.

A unique offer of jewelry for mothers at attractive prices

Our company makes every effort to ensure that the offered valuables meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers, both in terms of aesthetics and quality. We also make sure that the price of the products is affordable for people with various wallets.

We also try to ensure that the sale of our products is carried out efficiently and orders are carried out in the shortest possible time. In addition, jewelry sales are held from time to time in our online store. This is a great opportunity to buy a mum's gift in advance at an attractive price and give it when the time is right. In turn, the elegant box in which the jewelry for the mother will be packed will emphasize the uniqueness and originality of the gift.

Jewelry for mother
Arcadia Necklace Iris Arcadia Necklace Iris 2
Silver necklaces

Arcadia Necklace Iris

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive Austrian crystals in colours Vintage Rose, Iris and Golden ShadowChain length: 47 cm (42 cm + 5 cm extension). Pendant length: 3 cm.
Silver necklaces

Arcadia Necklace with pearls

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver, exclusive Austrian crystals in colour Crystal and naturalnych pereł Fresh Water Pearls.Necklace length: ca. 46,5 cm (41,5 cm + 5 cm extension). Pendant length: 3 cm.
Silver necklaces

Arcadia Necklace Amethyst

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive Austrian crystals in colours Denim Blue, Amethyst and Emerald.Chain length: 47 cm (42 cm + 5 cm extension). Pendant length: 3 cm.
Neck jewelry

Meteor Necklace

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver, exclusive Austrian crystals in colour Light Turquoise and natural stones Turquoise.Necklace length: ca. 47 cm. Pendant length: 3,2 cm.
Neck jewelry

Crystalactite Necklace N6017BB8LL

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver, exclusive Austrian crystals in colour Bermuda Blue and natural stones Lapis Lazuli.Necklace length: ca. 45 cm. Pendant length: 3,4 cm.
Silver earrings

Clover Earrings Silver

Earrings made of 925 sterling silver and mother of pearl.Earrings length: 3,3 cm.
Lulu Pearl Bracelet
Last items in stock
Silver bracelets

Lulu Pearl Bracelet

Bracelet made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive Austrian crystal pearls in colour White Pearl.Bracelet length: 22 cm (17 cm + 5 cm extension).

Arafa Necklace Silver Night

Necklace made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Silver Night.Chain length: 57.5 cm (53 cm + 4.5 cm extension). Pendant length: 6.5 cm.
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