Jewelry for my sister

A sister is one of the people closest to our hearts. Shared upbringing and childhood memories create an unbreakable bond for the rest of your life. No wonder we want to give our sister the best gifts. The perfect idea will be high-class jewelry.

A gift for my sister

Any occasion, especially a day without an occasion, is a good gift for our beloved sister. When looking for a suitable gift, attention should be paid to its symbolism. A gift of the so-called with depth or soul, it will be remembered for a long time. That's why silver or gold-plated jewelry is perfect for this role. A charming bracelet can symbolize the beginning or the end of another milestone in our sister's life. Earrings can be a graduation gift. A stylish necklace will be a symbol of getting married or ending the next year of life. There are many occasions and types of jewelry that we can give to our sister.

How to make jewelry that we offer an original and appreciated gift?

Above all, it is worth following the preferences of our sister. Siblings know what their sister likes, what color is her favorite, whether she prefers a substantial type of jewelry or a more modest and subtle type. Suitable for the occasion, it will definitely bring a lot of joy. An original gift for your sister is at hand!


Spark is the highest quality of silver and gold-plated silver products. It is this type of jewelry that is currently the most popular, due to its modern design and universal character. Silver fits perfectly into everyday stylizations. In turn, gold-plated jewelry is a more classic and elegant solution. Regardless of the preferences and the metal from which the jewelry is made, one thing is certain: women love jewelry, and jewelry loves women.

What to choose...?

An original gift for a sister can be a real challenge for us. Women are demanding. The wide range of Spark jewelry allows you to perfectly match the gift. Our offer includes:

  1. bangles, bracelets
  2. ankle bracelets,
  3. earings'
  4. necklaces and chokers,
  5. rings,
  6. jewelry sets.

Such a range of silver and gold-plated products will satisfy the most demanding requirements of our sisters.

Bracelet for a sister - gives a smile

A bracelet for a sister is one of the most chosen gifts. Women love it when beautiful sequins sparkle charmingly on their wrists or ankles. The bracelet is a highly functional piece of jewelry that goes well with sporty, casual and classic outfits. The bracelet, regardless of the type of metal from which it was made, can take different forms. The undisputed success of recent times are bracelets with the addition of beautiful crystals of different colors.

Thanks to this solution, we can choose a model with the addition of crystals in our sister's favorite shade, which will make the gift more suitable. In addition to their individual character, the bracelets look beautiful both on the hand and on the leg.

Earrings for a sister

Earrings are another popular type of jewelry. They are a great gift idea for a sister. They put a "point" on the whole style, emphasizing the benefits of beauty and adding expression and character to the entire face.

A necklace for a sister

What woman will not please with the necklace. It's hard to find a sister who won't smile at such a gift. The necklace is a very practical gift for every woman, regardless of age or style of dress. Spark crystal necklaces are an ideal proposition for women who appreciate minimalism and discreet combinations, as well as for artists and so-called "claw" souls, who like to stand out from the crowd.

A ring for my sister

The ring is not only an engagement. Given to a sister, it can be an important symbol that she will look up to throughout her life. A perfectly chosen ring with a beautiful carnation will bring a lot of joy and will be worn every day.

Jewelry set for my sister

How about a jewelry set as a gift for your sister? Big thought! It is also a perfect gift idea for one of the most important days in life - the wedding day. Give your sister a wedding jewelry set that will complement the most important dress in your life.

Jewelry for a sister is definitely a great gift idea that will stay in your heart for a long time. The effort put into choosing a specific model will definitely pay off.

Jewelry for my sister
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Paveball Ring Smoked Topaz

zł220.50 zł245.00
Ring made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colours Smoked Topaz and Golden Shadow.Crystal size: 0.8 and 0.6 cm.Universal size (adjustable).
Sweet Candy Ring Silk
  • -zł10.00
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Sweet Candy Ring Silk

zł194.00 zł204.00
Ring made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Silk.Crystal size: approx. 1 cm.Universal size (adjustable).
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Tressie Gold Necklace Golden Shadow

zł216.00 zł240.00
Necklace made of gold plated 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colours Aurora Borealis, Luminous Green and Golden Shadow.Necklace length: 47 cm (42 cm + 5 cm extension). Pendant length: 4.8 cm.
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Medium Cube Studs Crystal

zł83.70 zł93.00
Earrings made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Crystal.Crystal size: 0.6 cm.
Alamosa Gold Earrings Crystal Alamosa Gold Earrings Crystal 2
  • -10%
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Dangle earrings

Alamosa Gold Earrings Crystal

zł212.40 zł236.00
Earrings made of gold plated 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Crystal.Earrings length: 4.4 cm.
Ankle Bracelet Nilo Crystal
  • -10%
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Ankle Bracelet Nilo Crystal

zł269.10 zł299.00
Ankle bracelet made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Crystal.Bracelet length: 26 cm (23 cm + 3 cm extension). Length of decorative element: 1.2 cm.
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