Spring trends in fashion

Spring is closer and closer, and with it come new trends in jewellery. The spring/summer 2018 season, will be bright, ethnic, rock and completely asymethric! Together with SPARK SILVER JEWELRY, and according to the trends presented by the fashion houses, we have prepared for you jewellery with exclusive Swarovski Crystals.


Earrings? Mismatched and single

This Spring we can allow ourselves a bit of nonshalance and extravagance! It turns out that the most fashionable trend right now is…mismatched jewellery, for example putting together differently shaped and sized earrings is the hit of the season. The lack of symethry adds character to an everyday outfit, and change a simple combo of jeans and white t-shirt into an extravagant look. This inspiriation for mismatched look came to us from Versce. It gives complete freedom in creating the sets, the more they are polar oppisites the better! If you want to stand out from the crowd match Sweet Candy and Anser or-in longer version- Candito or Puntino collections. The wow effect is guaranteed!

Equally popular is wearing a single earring, which showcasts most on the catwalks of Chole and Bluberry. There is one rule to mind-the earring should stand out by length as well as colour and crystal. For everyday wear we propse Rugiada or Triple Drop, and for the evening, the sparkling Flapper, which- worn solo-will add elegance with a touch of distance towards fashion and desing to your outfit.


 Check out: Puntino Earrings Rose

Crystal clear, transparent


Do you want to dress like models from Karl Lagerfekd, Chanel or Balenciaga? It’s easier than you think! The trend for transparent accessories is more and more often visible on fashion shows. Crystal, transparent earrings, neclaces, bracelets and chokers look like raindrops in jewellery form. They are very feminine and add gentleness and lightness to every outfit. If you want to smooth your features, while showcasting their best side pick transparent Frou Frou and Bicone collection in crystal colour. Well chosen earrings, bracelets and necklaces will subtly make you look more feminine and delicate. For ladies who want to follow the trends but don’t want to wear sturdy jewellery, we have the Midnight Tear collection, with matching Pear  Drop ring, both adorned with Swarovski Crystals in crystal colour.



Check out: Midnight Tear Necklace Crystal.

Time od rebels

The trend for rock elements comes back like a boomerang. Punk and grunge are another style that will dominante 2018, and it will show in jewellery shops. Bracelets and necklaces in rock and punk versions are a bullseye.  Alcantara bracelets from Dotty, Multistrands, Mix Braid and Yaki Punk, combined with choker and earrings from Rock Stripe collection will be the best choice, giving you that rebel look. For eveving gig pick up a heavy Morning Dew bracelet, with Metalic Light Gold crystals or set of Stripe Grande bracelet and Stripe earrings. You will look like a rock star!


Check out: Stripe Grande Bracelet Jet Hematite

Modern hippies or frills and feathers-boho every style.


2018 is a year of nonconformists. Aside from punk-rock style, the hippie trends will also be popular. All etno pieces such as long necklaces and earrings or beads and bracelets or silver-golden jewellerty will fit the boho outfit perfectly. A light dress can be completed by Dream Catcher, Roseta or Leaf earrings and necklace.


Check out: Leaf Necklace Light Turquoise

Undecided? The newest trends on catwlaks are pouring out into the streetsand into workplaces, schools and parks. If you want any tips, it’s that you should follow your heart when chosing jewellery.

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