SPARK Gilded Collection

We haven’t yet cooled down after the SPARK SILVER JEWELERY Sensation collection, and the company has prepared another surprise for it’s customers. Amongst the newest items we will find Gilded collection, which puts a golden-and-silver spin on the most popular bestsellers.



The beautiful items from the Gilded collection, are the most beloved earrings, neckleces and rings found in other collections, but until now only offered in silver version. Now, for the first time in history of thr brand, the most popular desings appeared in golden version. First the 925 sterling silver is plated, and then covered with a layer of gold.


The KALEIDOSCOPE collection draws attention with it’s universality and uniqueness and the Swarovski Crystals astound with the veriety of colours and cuts. The enchanting world of SPARK SILVER JEWELERY is very feminine, one moment it’s gentle and calm, and then bold and fiesty. The Gilded collection, which presents countless possibilties for creating jewellery sets, is the best of both worlds. Amongst the new propositions you will find the most popular items from other collections, such as Double Teardrop Gold and Golden Drop; stylish Candy Gold, Ribes Gold and Spike Gold and finally the sweet Lilipop Gold. The fans of sparkling and glamours rings will also find something for themselves in the golden plated Rothundus and Lolipop Gold rings, in intriguing colour combinations from Swarovski. The golden plated silver combined with exclusive crystals are perfect choice for women who appriciate luxury and elegance.


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Ladies who like the warmer colours will also have a wider choice of jewellery for their spring outfits. Now it would be good to bring back few golden rules regarding wearing the golden jewellery-less is more. Gold is a very unique colour and stands out more than silver, so it’s bettr to choose one item with one outfit, for example only a ring, or only bracelet or only necklace. Golden jewellery will look best with begies, or others in similar shades to the jewels you’re wearing. Pastels and stronger colours such as navy blue, red, deep greens or black and white, are also a very good match.

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