SPARK for Christmas

Make this Christmas more sparkly-with SPARK


The Christmas shopping spree is in full blow. If you still don’t have any idea what to give to your nearest and dearest, SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY has few ideas for you, that are sure to bring out the season’s magic. Let’s remember that jewellery has huge power of remembrance, giving jewellery is like gifting someone another wonderous, important  moment.


Striking doesn’t have to be expensive-gifts for 100zł

Despite what people might think, in this special time Santa should give a gift to everyone-even if it’s just a small thing. If your budget for Christmas gifts is restrained, then a bracelet from Bumerang or Mira collections, found in SENSATIONS catalogue, would be the best choice. The stylish and elegant Alcantara adorned with exquisite Swarovski crystals will add glam to the Christmas outfit of every woman in the family, regardless of age.


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Stylish sets


You decided to spend your bonus on Christmas gifts? Do you want to give your family member something really special? Remember that jewellery is always a good and safe idea. A Piansano, Arrow or Anabele sets of necklaces and earrings from SPARK SILVER JEWELERY, are stylish and sophisticated; and every woman will feel special wearing them.


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To give the world

Are yoy generous by nature, and Christmas are yet another occasion to shower your loved ones with unique gifts? SPARK SILVER JEWELRY has over thousands propositions of jewellery with Swarovski Crystals: stylish earrings, bracelets and necklaces from fine, one could even say royal, Designer Edition. It is an ideal pick for the ladies for whom “elegance” is second nature. The rich colours and the unique cut of the crystals from Delia, Kaputt and Oval Dives line will satisfy even the most demanding of tastes.

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