Online jewellery shopping-a few tips,

Online shopping in Poland(and in the rest of the world) gained popularity in recent years. Online shoppers, value efficiency and reasonable prices. It comes as no surprise that Sunday restrictions do not apply to this kind of shopping, nor that comparing the prices of different shops is possible with few clicks. We buy everything online now, food, electronics, decorations, household articles or shoes, and of course jewellery.

Just like in case of everything else it is good to keep a few things in mind when buying jewellery online. What rules should you follow? Find the answer below.

Size does matter

Every woman knows that when it comes to jewellery, size does matter. Unfortunately often people focus more on how the product looks like than on the description, however it is important especially in the case of the size. All online jewellery shops have descriptions of their products. Look more closely

When browsing the offer it’s good to have a ruler or measurer, which will help you to visualise the product, and even “try it on”(especially in the case of necklaces, bracelets and rings).

Look at the quality 

Silver is much less expensive than gold, but equally elegant and enduring, which makes it very popular. However it’s good to remember that not all silver jewellery offered online is made entirely out of silver. How to recognise high quality silver?

Hallmarks and characteristics are the key. There are many jewellery shops online but not all of them offer products made out of real 925 sterling silver.

The 925 hallmark means that the jewellery is made out of 92,5% pure silver combined with 7,5% of other metals. When looking at the offer of jeweller’s shop(both online and stationary), make sure that their products are made out of 925 sterling silver.

Look at the a Stones and crystals. 

Silver jewellery,-very much like golden-is often adorned with stones or crystals. Pay attention to them as well. It is the best to look for known items such as Swarovski crystals, that have a good opinion amongst the clients. When picking up jewellery with kryształcharms or stones make sure that they won’t lose it’s spark, and will keep it’s quality for years to come.  


Get to know Your seller

Internet not only gives endless possibilities for finding interesting products for a good price, but is mostly the source of information and opinions. Seek for them before you buy anything. Remember that when you buy jewellery online, you do not have the product in your hand, and you have to trust the seller. Get to know them, see which company the online shop belongs to, how long have they been in business and what kind of opinion they have.

Silver jewellery is a brilliant addition, that adds character to every outfit, and at reasonable price. Choose wisely, by going for beautiful products by reliable brands. 

Silver Jewellery this Spring

Spring is coming, and with it new trends in jewellery. Here are our propositions.

bransoletka stylish crystal

Silver Bracelet-Stylish Crystal

A must have of this Spring. This beautiful, sparkling and elegant bracelet goes with many styles, and looks beautiful.

Check out: Stylish Bracelet Crystal

naszyjnik diskas crystal

Silver Diskas  Necklace Crystal

An ideal choice for an elegant dress or a shirt with deep neckline. The high quality silver combined with Swarovski® crystals spell luxury and sophistication in reasonable price.

Check out: Diskas Necklace Crystal

Kolczyki Sharp Crystal

 Sharp Crystal silver earrings

A unique sparkling effect of exclusive Swarovski ® crystals. Perfect for every occasion, these earrings can be worn with a white outfit, completing it in a desecrate way. 

Check out: Sharp Earrings Crystal

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