How to care for silver jewellery?

Silver jewellery is timeless. You can easily match it with any outfit and it fits every type; but you have to take good care of it too or even the most beautiful necklace might lose it’s shine and become dull. How to prevent it?

Silver is one of the most popular precious metal used in creating jewellery. It is also very delicate and unfortunately as the time goes by it can lose it’s shine. When sulphur and oxygen come in contact with silver,  the resulting chemical reaction causes the silver to dull and tarnish. Luckily cleaning and proper care for silver is easy. All it takes is to remember few simple rules, to keep your jewellery in good shape for years. 

The Basics of Silver Care

In order to properly take care of your jewellery you first need to know few things about it. Firstly you need to check the purity of the metal, it is crucial in establishing how fast it will dull. 925 sterling silver is the most popular in jewellery, due to it’s plasticity, however it is also easier to scratch than 900 or lower silver. Be careful when cleaning it.

Every exposure to balm, cream, hairspray, perfume or even human sweat might affect the silver and cause it to lose the colour faster. Avoid any contact with  house-cleaning chemicals, water with chlorine and other products containing sulphur. Before doing any house chores take off Your rings and bracelets, because some of the cleaning products might cause the solder to break.

Silver jewellery is better kept separate from other types, and in plastic bags to keep it from being exposed to the air. Keep the jewellery in a closed box upholstered with soft fabric, which will protect it from dust, dirty air and sulphur that can gather in the wood. If you are wearing something sporadically always remember to dust it gently with a soft cloth before putting it back into the bag.

How to clean silver jewellery?

It is best to clean silver jewellery with special products you can buy in every jeweller’s shop, however they are not suited for jewellery with stones. If you do not have such product, you can use lukewarm water with bit of soap or dish-washing  liquid.

You can get rid of darker spots by putting the jewellery in a glass bowl with salt solution, of five spoons in one litter of warm water and leave it for a while to get rid of the smaller stains and for few hours if the damage is bigger. Use a soft chamois leather or special cloths you can buy at jewellers shop. The most important thing is schedule, regularly polished jewellery will keep it’s shine for longer, even if it is just a piece of soft fabric. 

What to avoid

Please avoid using toothpaste when cleaning jewellery. This method has been used in the past, when toothpastes were made from baking soda. Another common mistake to clean the silver with tissues used for cleaning glasses.

Exposure to sunlight and humidity are the foes of silver, not to mention air which contains sulphur compounds which cause the silver to turn yellow. The longer silver jewellery is exposed to these elements the faster it “ages”. Avoid leaving the jewellery for too long in bathroom, near  the sink or in any other place with high levels of humidity. With that being said do not be afraid to wear the jewellery often. It causes silver to be automatically polished which prevents tarnish.

If the jewellery is really dirty, scratched or has been damaged during cleaning it is best to visit jewellers shop for professional help. At the jewellers shop you will also clean jewellery with precious stones, which requires even more attention and care to keep it’s shine.

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