FASHION TRENDS: what to wear in fall/winter 2019?

When we think of Fall, we usually think of short and bleak days. The Summer is slowly passing and with it our energy and passion to play with our style. It’s time to change that! This fall the fashion world defies all the stereotypes. Tawny, boring coats and sad hues are out! Colours and patterns have taken over the runways, and became popular like they’ve never been in this gloomy season. 

This article will guide you through the new trends, and help you prepare for the wardrobe revolution!  


Return to 80’s and 90’s

Who’d have thought that the trends from 90’s and 80’s-which has been popular on the runways for several seasons now-will still inspire the designers, to create clothes that make the fashion world alive even in the fall! It’s time to go back in time…this year disco age has become the thing. Jackets with broad shoulders by Tom Ford and waist dresses in 80’s style, that have appeared on the Saint Laurent Paris fashion show, are all the range. The geometrical, especially round-shaped, jewelry has made it’s comeback too.

However instead of plain round earrings, it’s better to pick up the bolder, modern designs. 


Romantic frills 

It’s shocking how many designers have picked up the romantic style recently. We can see the frilly gowns, on the Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen shows. These delicate designs are often paired up with heavy boots, that complete them perfectly and give them a punk-rock vibe. 

To the richly sawn dresses, and pleated skirts choose more toned down jewelry, that will add some spark to the outfit, without taking the spotlight. Simple designs are the way to go! 


Animal patterns and breath of Wild West 


Panther spots are in! Animal prints return year after year to the women’s fall/winter collections. Also this year, designers such as Calvin Klein or Givenchy, have prepared a range of animal prints in new edition. The colourful spots and total animal looks, are bold propositions from Roberto Cavalli. One of the world renown designers, that have taken the lead in this season-Louis Vuitton, offers us bold designs inspired by the Western, country and new Americana styles. It’s your time fans of jeans and cowboy boots! To your shopping list add fringed accessories, suede jackets, checkered shirts and hats.  We guarantee you won’t regret it! Corduroy is also coming back, especially in combination with heavy cowboy boots.

Combine the suede jackets and leather accessories with Alcantara jewelry, and pearls. They will mellow down the hot Western girl look, adding a bit of elegance and class to it. 



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