Promotion sur les marchés étrangers

Nous sommes fiers de notre participation au programme GO TO BRAND.
L'objectif principal du projet est de promouvoir la marque de l'économie polonaise.
C'est un programme d'aide à de nombreuses industries polonaises.

Promotion of the SPARK brand abroad

Our company participates in promotional activities provided for in the Polish Fashion industry popularization program.
Thanks to the program, we promote our offer of SPARK jewelery, which has a chance to become recognizable on foreign markets.
Markets where project activities are carried out: France, Germany, Poland, Ukraine and Italy.

Innovative solutions in the manufacture of jewelry

SPARK jewelery presents an innovative design, because in addition to classic proposals, the range of interesting designs includes intriguing experiments as well as very bold patterns. Twice a year, we present new products that use innovative technologies of jewelry making.
In the production of our jewelry, we use the latest solutions, such as modern lasers for welding, cutting and engraving.
In order to maintain the high quality of our products, we have opened our own electroplating laboratory. We replaced the current technique of plating silver with rhodium with platinum. It is an innovative solution that allows you to become independent from the constantly growing rhodium prices. This process allows SPARK silver jewelry to maintain its shine for many years.

What did the GO TO BRAND program give us?

Thanks to the GO TO BRAND Polish Economy Brand promotion program, we exhibit our products at many foreign fairs. We are also exhibitors at international jewelery fairs held in Poland, which attract many foreign customers.
This year we exhibited at VICENZAORO, FASHION PARIS, INHORGENTA and AMBERIF fairs. The GOLDEXPO fair is ahead of us.

SPARK stand at the INHORGENTA and AMBERIF fairs

targi Inhorgenta Amberif stoisko stoisko tragowe SPARK

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