February is undeniably a month of love. Although not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, certainly everyone knows that the color assigned to love is red. What jewelry for Valentine's Day will turn out to be the best choice?
Why just red?

Red color meanings

Each color has a meaning assigned to it in our subconscious. This means that we inadvertently assign certain specific emotions, feelings, events and even memories to each color. We have heard from childhood that red is the "color of love". Why is red associated with such a noble phenomenon as love? Interestingly, in addition to symbolizing love, red can also mean extremely opposite phenomena - for example, war. This color is considered to be very influential - it also represents situations that require courage from us.
In western culture, red is very strongly associated with the day of Saint Valentine (so-called Valentine's Day). It is worth mentioning, however, that in other cultures red may have a completely different symbolism. For example, in China - red means prosperity, happiness and success, in India it symbolizes purity (hence the color is often chosen by brides), while in southern Africa red is considered the color of mourning.

What does red jewelry mean?

Colorful jewelry says a lot about us. It is worth knowing the meaning of colors and consciously choosing red jewelry to complement the subdued creation - e.g. white, black or beige. Few women decide on intense "all red" styling. Red is a very positive color and although it is strong, it creates a specific impression on the recipient. Usually means energy, positive thinking, strength, power, courage, passion and even passion ...
Welcome to the gallery of red bestsellers from our collections. SPARK silver jewelry with Swarovski® crystals comes in the following shades of red: Light Siam, Siam, Royal Red, Red Magma and Dark Red.

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