Navy Inspirations with Spark

The sailor style’s white-and-navy combo with red additions, always makes us think of summer vacations, and although it’s most popular only in that season it makes a comeback every year. To achive this look combine it with popular stripes or rope inspired accessories; white glasses and large bag, and finish it off with an anchor motif. The only thing left to do now is to choose matching jewellery. What to pick up, that won’t be too much? The summer propostions from SPARK SILVER JEWELERY are the answer.

In the spring/summer season, sailor style is the most popular trend in fashion, it’s simple and has a classical colour combination, with characacteristic accessories such as woven bags and anchor motifs. Refershing.  


Meeting with friends or a date

If you like feminine touch, put on a dress with white-and-navy stripes, with a light white jacket, and a pair of red heels. And for the evening put on a leather jacket, giving your look that rock vibe. Choose the delicate Royal Blue Busso studs, or longer Denim Blue Pera earrings,as accessory. And combine it with the fashionable White or Navy Blue Punto, Crono or Lady Bird watch, adorned with Swarovski crystals. You can find them all in the SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY KALEIDOSCOPE collection.

You will draw the attention and awe of people around you. The sailor style makes you younger, and is fits everyone.



With pants…


You don’t have to always dress girly. To your combo of white-and-navy carmen shirt and navy chinos trousers, add a White, Red, Crystal or Navy Blue Sparkle or Odelissa bacelt. To complete this look, put on a pair of white sunglasses in the style from 50’s and a large straw bag.



The sailor style is uniwersal thanks to it’s classical colour scheme. It’s both balanced and unique.

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