Fashion contrasts: Clothes vs Jewelry

Many women instinctively combines jewelry with other accessories that go with their outfits. Creativity, even in this part of everyday life, is a good and curious phenomenon, that leads us to finding new, inspiring colour mashups. The most difficult thing, is to match the jewelry to the dress. In this article we will show you three options, where the colours although clashing mesh perfectly, and add harmony to the look! Let’s begin!



Fuchsia and Indigo

These two strong colours, at first glance they seem to have nothing in common, but you can take that role! Combination of these hues looks breathtaking, especially if you share looks with Claudia Shiffer. The Navy Blue will bring out the eyes of a blond and fuchsia will add a lightness to the outfit. Deep blue dress with a Spark CLASSIS PENTA Fuchsia bracelet will make you feel just like you look, wonderful! Don’t forget to put on a fuchsia lipstick, it’s a perfect finish to the look.  


Green & Orange

This is a proposition for women who look more like Judy Greer. Although this combo will look best on redheads it, also works very well from brunettes. The contrast between the orange jewelry and emerald outfit works the best. Of course you can put on other shades of green too, but remember to stay way from pastels. In the Spark offer with Swarovski®Crystals, you will find classic earrings and necklaces in Padparadscha-a intense, neon orange. By putting two juicy, heavily contrasting colours together you can avoid a bland final result. 


Red and Black 

One pf the most famous and classic combos, black and red has existed in the fashion world for ages. Still, it seems to be rather unappreciated in everyday look. It’s said that every woman should have a “small black dress” in her wardrobe. We agree wholeheartedly! No matter what’s your type, don’t be afraid to combine these colours together. Black clothes are universal, and depending on the cut and material they can be elegant, classy or be ok for family gathering. Remember that red accessories like a lipstick, bag or jewelry will help you change a modest, good-girl outfit into something more fashionable and flirty. Let your hair loose, pit on Spark HALO Light Siam earrings, and you’re ready for a night out! 



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