During Carnival allow yourself for a bit more - more defined make-up, bigger hair, richer colours, higher heels, more glitter and... more spark;) We are about to start the season of parties, balls and clubbing - a perfect occasion for fashion experiments. We all want to look our best and the easiest way to achieve this is by choosing the right accessories. Even the simplest dress can be transformed into a ravishing gown if you wear exquisite jewellery. SPARK prepared for you a few alternatives for an untimate carnival look - you will surely make a statement!

Little black dress goes to party

If you do not have any plans for the Carnival season yet, or you are thinking of what to wear, remember that the little black dress is a timeless classic which can be accessorised with the most glamorous jewellery producing a jaw-dropping result. This season we choose everything that sparks, shines and glitters - the more, the better. The only thing you need to remember is not to overdose such high-impact accessories. Simple little black dress needs expressive jewellery so if you decide to wear a sleeveless dress, make sure to highlight your neck and shoulders with an impressive necklace. SPARK offers a lot of models that you can choose from to add a finishing touch to any classic LBD.

Be like Cinderella... after a visit to her fairy godmother

If you wear an evening gown, you need to be a little more careful when choosing the right accessories. Of course, if your dress is richly ornamented, it does not mean you should resign from wearing jewellery altogether. Be sure to choose more subtle pieces, though, to match your outfit. Delicate earrings or a beautiful ring are a good idea in this case. SPARK has a wide range of jewellery that will impress you with its uniqueness and finesse and will be a perfect choice for a refined and elegant look. 

Queen of the dance floor

Going clubbing? Go wild;) In terms of jewellery and accessories, you can pick up anything you wish, experiment and balance on the edge. SPARK recommends long and eye-catching earrings which will bring attention to your face and highlight your features. Do not forget those colourfull and sparkling bracelets that look fantastic in motion - you can mix and match them and set together a few corresponding or contrasting shades. Fun guaranteed!

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