Evening jewelry

Beautiful evening jewelry is a unique complement to the original creation. Perfectly emphasizes your beauty and makes your look unique. The items available in our assortment are characterized by amazing design and original colors. We provide both delicate patterns as well as intricate and eye-catching models.

The products we offer are distinguished by careful workmanship. They were made of 925 silver, i.e. containing 92.5% pure metal in the alloy. Their finish consists of unique crystals with delicate grooves. These glasses perfectly reflect light, and the models we sell are characterized by exceptionalism.

Silver evening jewelry for special occasions

We design the products available in the Spark offer ourselves, which makes their price very attractive. We draw inspiration from the collections of world fashion designers. Thanks to this, our items for sale look like evening jewelry in the style of stars. We provide a wide range of models. If you are looking for delicate motifs, you will surely like eye-catching pendants, stylish bracelets or evening earrings in the Aurora Borealis color. These products are recommended in particular to elegant ladies with a calm and at the same time romantic disposition.

We also offer a set of evening jewelry dedicated to women with a strong temperament. Richly decorated necklaces, earrings or bracelets are perfect for those of you who are looking for proposals with a clear message for evening events. Lists of the so-called with their claw, they are a strong accent of the creation, adding style and self-confidence.

Jewelry for the evening? Only with Austrian crystals!

What should silver evening jewelry be like? First of all, original and helping to emphasize the natural, feminine beauty. These wonderful lead glass ornaments are famous all over the world. They are distinguished by a long history - the brand was founded in 1895. The characteristic features of these diamonds include a very precise cut. Evening jewelry with crystals shimmers under the influence of light, which is why it always looks unique. In addition, the offer of these models is characterized by a variety of colors and shapes, making the evening styling incredibly graceful.

Impressive jewelry for the evening is a great gift idea!

Our models are distinguished by impeccable style and unique finishes, e.g. in the form of beads, pendants or chains. We pack the jewelery in tasteful boxes, to which we attach a certificate confirming the originality of the glass. Therefore, earrings or evening necklaces can be successfully used as a gift.

We encourage you to choose items that emphasize the effect of evening styling. Many interesting and at the same time competitively priced models are also in the sale section.

Evening jewelry - an irreplaceable addition to an evening dress!

During important outings, evening jewelry not only looks beautiful, but also complements the entire outfit in an extraordinary way. Delicate ornaments in the form of small earrings or a more modest necklace emphasize the elegance, while the jewelry of a slightly larger size effectively catches the eye and adds character to the styling. At Spark Shop, we offer unique jewelry and delightful decorations for evening dresses that are distinguished by original design and durability. It is worth knowing the most important secrets of choosing the perfect earrings, necklaces or bracelets to easily match them with your dream outfit.

Decorations for evening dresses - why should you decide on them?

For many women, jewelry for evening dresses is one of the most important accessories that makes the entire styling seem very well thought out. What's more, properly selected ornaments allow you to express the character of the person who wears them - stones of various, deep colors, long, dangling earrings or necklaces that attract attention can tell a lot about their owner. For this reason, our collections are extremely diverse and often express completely different styles to meet the requirements of each individual customer.

Evening jewelry from Spark as a guarantee of the highest quality and beautiful design

When creating individual collections of evening jewelry, we make sure that each product in them looks perfect. All elements of the decorations are made with great precision and attention to every detail. Thanks to this, even after a careful examination of the jewelry, it is difficult to see any imperfections in it. Even so, we know that individual bracelets, rings or necklaces may not be identical. This is due to the fact that the ornaments in our store are not produced on a mass scale - thanks to this, each of them is unique and unique in its own way, just like the person wearing it.

Evening jewelry
Royal Ring Graphite Royal Ring Graphite 2
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Evening jewelry

Royal Ring Graphite

Ring made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Graphite.Crystal size: 0.8 cm.Available sizes: 52, 54, 56.
Imperial Necklace Golden Shadow Gold Imperial Necklace Golden Shadow Gold 2
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Imperial Necklace Golden Shadow Gold

Necklace made of gold plated 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colours Golden Shadow and Light Grey DeLite.Chain length: 44 cm (39 cm + 5 cm extension). Pendant length: 2.5 cm.
Triumph Necklace Aurora Borealis Triumph Necklace Aurora Borealis 2
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Triumph Necklace Aurora Borealis

Necklace made of sterling silver 925 and exclusive crystals in colour Aurora Borealis.Chain length: 45 cm (38 cm + 7 cm extension). Pendant length: 3.2 cm.
Starlette Necklace Golden Shadow
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Starlette Necklace Golden Shadow

Necklace made of sterling silver 925 and exclusive crystals in colour Golden Shadow.Necklace length: 42 cm. Crystal size: 0.5 cm.
Aura Necklace Iridescent Green  Gold
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Aura Necklace Iridescent Green Gold

Necklace made of gold plated 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colours Iridescent Green and Golden Shadow.Necklace length: 45 cm (38 cm + 7 cm extension).
Serenity Earrings Graphite
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Serenity Earrings Graphite

Earrings made of 925 sterling silver and exclusive crystals in colour Graphite.Earrings length: 2.2 cm.
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