Swarovski offers exquisite genuine gemstones and created stones, made from the purest materials and crafted to the highest standards for quality, colour, size and shape.  Capturing the brilliance of natural beauty and adding a new dimension of brilliance, Swarovski genuine gemstones and created stones are testament to our dedication to the science of precision cutting and innovation. Precision-cut genuine sapphire, rhodolite, peridot, amethyst, citrine, black spinel, genuine topaz, marcasite, and zirconia and synthetic stones have been the sparkling heart of the fine jewelry and fashion industries since 1965.

Swarovski is a leader in producing synthetic gemstones that possess a very "natural" beauty. High-yield melt method allows Swarovski to produce high-grade synthetic gemstones that are very affordable.  

Cubic Zirconia is considered to be the best diamond look-alike ever developed. For this reason, Swarovski believes Cubic Zirconia should be cut to standards equivalent to those set for the finest-cut genuine diamonds.  All stones are cut and polished in Swarovski’s own factories that maintain the strictest standards to meet the most stringent criteria of color, quality, size and shape, resulting in a uniformity of calibration and quality unrivalled in the industry.

Constantly seeking for innovation, Swarovski has also developed an ingenious selection of pre-set, ready to use gemstone elements that are prized for the ease and speed with which they can be set by either hand or mechanical techniques. These component innovations serve to broaden the appeal of genuine gemstones and created stones to additional fields of creative design far beyond the traditional areas.

More information you can find here  www.swarovski-gemstones.com

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