Ch. Dahlinger GmbH & Co KG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality packaging and display products for jewellery, watches, writing instruments, spirits, champagnes and other luxury items.Since 1871 Ch. Dahlinger has been renowned for its very high quality and innovative products made from cardboard, plastics and wood. 
Our team of freelance and staff designers work with our technical product development department to develop customised packaging and display items for brands, manufacturers and chain stores as well as our own retail collection. Ch. Dahlinger currently has around 6500 active customers. 
The sales structure includes a large network of field staff and agents made up of over 60 independent sales representatives, covering most European countries and North America. Overall concept or individual product design, technical development, prototyping, production and worldwide distribution – Ch. Dahlinger tailors its services to the needs of the customer. The majority of Ch. Dahlinger‘s production facilities are predominantly located in the Far East. Coupled with technical assistance and project management at the site of production, we implement permanent deadline compliance and quality control checks, to make sure that shipments reach the customer on time and with the right level of quality

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