For Jewellers

Our business started as a two-person  gemstone cutting atelier. We cut  mainly synthetic facetted  stones, primarily corundum, after which we named our company CORUNDUM.  

A wide  range of synthetic and natural gemstones still remains our main offer for jewellers. 

As a distributors of the Swarovski products we offer a wide range of exclusive Swarovski crystals and the highest quality precious and created Swarovski Gemstones. 

To reach a wider number of customers and to enhance our range we expand our products offer by selling jewellery packaging, displays as well as tools and chemicals used by goldsmiths. These items are available in our shop located  in Zachodnia street Wroclaw(Poland).

We are also authorized distributors of  Ch. Dahlinger-  a German manufacturer of the exquisite jewellery packaging and displays. 

In case of any  inquiry about our product line for the jewellers please contact our sales team: 

or personally visit our store:


ul. Zachodnia 16, 53-643 Wrocław,

tel: +48 71 34 19 610, + 48 71 34 44 609