SPARK SILVER JEWELRY would like to announce a new upcoming collection.

SPARK SILVER JEWELRY brings you a new collection filled with new ideas, unique designs, all sparkling with the many clours of Swarovski Crystals. FAIRYTALE colletion opens the door the magical world of exclusive jewellery that will help you discover your inner light and fulfil your dreams of confidence, acknowledgment and beauty. The 5 different collections create 5 different stories: DESINGERS EDITION is filled with adventure, GILDED creates memorable, touching moments, SPARKLING echoes with the gentle whsipers of lover, BASIC is a helpful, fairygodmother that saves the day and the gentle CANDY seduces you and leads down the unknown path.

Do you remember when you were a little girl and you would put on your mother’s lace dresses and high heels to dream about prince charming? A handsome man on a white horse that will fall in love with you at first kiss? Who will make each day a new adventure filled with joy and love, to in the end live a happy ever after? What if you could come back to these dreams, leaving behind the world of trouble? Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? And yet…SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY invities you to a world of dreams and fantasy, reflecting in the Swarovski Crystals.

 New desings and tested quality

SPARK SLVER JEWELLERY once more proves that it perfectly understands the ever-chaining nature of women. The rich vieriety of colours and crystals in the unique silver jewelery with Swarvoski Crystals, makes sure that women don’t like parting with it even for a moment. The well-known Desigers Edition, Candt and Gilded colletctions which have been long ackwnoleged by clients, have now been expanded by new designs and juicy summer colours. The emeralds, idigoes, trquois and fucsias, are spot on for summer journeyes. The lovers of universal colours will find something for themselves as well. The unique cuts in blacks, navy blues and whites and grays will add a nice touch to the strict business attire.

The FAIRYTALE collection wouldn’t be complete without surprises, new crystals and bold colours. In this new line we have earrings and necklaces shaped like a lotus flower, arranged with Swarovski crystals in shape of awing. Unique models are wonderful as an addition for causal summer style, perfect for a elegent gardern party. Which one of us hasn’t been flying kites? This symbol of freedom has also found a way into the SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY. In the FAIRYTALE collection you will find eksclusive earrings and necklaces that resamble a kite, that will bring back childhood memories. The simplicity of the design can also complete an elegant outift straight out of Hollywood.

What makes FAIRYTALE special is the variety of options, in stylish silver and gilded jewellery, adorned with Swarovski Crystals. The bountiful of crystals and colours allows mixing of the different designs and creating new, bold matches. FAIRYTALE is a journey to the center of yourself, back to the childhood dreams and a wish to make them reality even for a moment.


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