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Jak dobrać srebrny ślubny naszyjnik do rodzaju dekoltu?


When the days get longer, the temperature outside the window increases and the snow is slowly melting, it is a sign that the awaited spring is coming soon. Although it will be a long time before we see the buds on the stems of trees and shrubs, it is worth preparing for the arrival of the most joyful season of the year.


February is undeniably a month of love. Although not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, certainly everyone knows that the color assigned to love is red. What jewelry for Valentine's Day will turn out to be the best choice


It’s difficult to compare Light Chrome to any other Swarovski crystal. This stone is enchanting and draws attention, especially when it catches the rays of sun. It resembles a mirror but without reflecting everything perfectly, and the metallic surface awes women of all ages, occupations and tastes.

FASHION TRENDS: what to wear in fall/winter 2019?

When we think of Fall, we usually think of short and bleak days. The Summer is slowly passing and with it our energy and passion to play with our style. It’s time to change that! This fall the fashion world defies all the stereotypes.

Fashion contrasts: Clothes vs Jewelry

How to choose the best jewelry for your outfit? There is no final answer for this question. Things such as skin tone, cut and even the choice of shoes, cause us to create new combinations.


SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY invites women to the magical, colourful world of breathtaking jewllwery.

Silver rings

The sophisticated form makes the presented silver rings with Swarovski crystals a wonderful ornament of a woman's hand. The sweet Candy collection has a lot of girlish charm...

The sophisticated form makes the presented silver rings with Swarovski crystals a wonderful ornament of a woman's hand. The sweet Candy collection has a lot of girlish charm and will perfectly complement romantic spring stylizations, while the gilded series will fall in love with women who love warm colors. We also have a collection with base models, in which you can find elegant silver rings - ideal for business attire or formal meeting.

For special occasions, we recommend decorations dedicated to large events, as well as avant-garde designs from the designer edition. Jewelry with Swarovski crystals is a guarantee of dazzling accessories in a unique way shimmering in the light and adding splendor to any styling. View all collections and choose the perfect gift for a loved one or ... for yourself.
Who of us does not know Swarovski crystals, the Austrian premium brand? Not so long ago they were reserved for elites, stars and celebrities. Today they are offered to every fan of beautiful jewelry. Extremely refined, they owe their amazing glow to a properly developed technique of mechanical cutting. We offer silver rings with Swarovski stones with interesting forms, with stones in many colors. They have already delighted the masses of women who wear them both at home and at work, for official meetings, as well as dates. Let yourself be enchanted by the SPARK collection and choose your perfect ring!

Silver rings with Swarovski crystals - loved by millions

It is not difficult to understand why rings with Swarovski crystals enjoy such enormous interest among customers. Just look carefully at any of them to see what arouses the admiration and desire of millions of people around the world. Swarovski trinkets look great in any type of lighting, which is due to the appropriate cut and mass dyeing. Advanced crystal preparation technology gives it a look that precious stones are famous for. The intense glow makes it difficult to look away from them.
What creates the unique effect that products with Swarovski stones cause is the incrustation in two ways: a lot of tiny crystals forming an iridescent composition or one large crystal. In the collections available in the store you can find shapely and specific models for supporters of eye-catching ornaments, as well as proposals for lovers of delicate, subtle, intricately decorated rings.
The sophisticated design, lines intertwining in an interesting way and dozens of modern motifs of the jewelry we sell do not come with great costs. If you decide to shop in the SPARK store and choose a silver ring, the price will not discourage you. We want our customers to have the opportunity to enjoy great jewelry, which is why we offer it at affordable rates.

Swarovski rings for every taste and finger

SPARK rings are made of silver, and their decorative elements are Swarovski stones of various shapes, colors and sizes. We are aware of how many buyers, so many tastes, which is why we have made every effort to offer the collections of both amateurs of magnificent crystals and tiny trinkets. The same applies to sizes - we have large silver rings and those intended for small fingers. At SPARK, no one will have a problem with choosing the right size.
To meet the expectations of people using our services, we have also made sure that the store's assortment does not lack a universal size. We sell silver rings that can be freely adjusted. This group includes Pear Drop, Cube, Paveball, Piruli or the fabulous Rotundus series. Noteworthy are also rings from the Totti series, reminiscent of tropical leaves, fancifully twisted Siena and girlish Heart. However, if you caught an unregulated model in a size that we do not currently have, please let us know. We will certainly find a satisfying solution!
Silver rings at the best prices
Jewelry available in our store are carefully made decorations, using certified stones and high-quality silver. At the same time, we offer accessories at extremely favorable prices, so that women of all ages can enjoy them. These silver rings are cheap, but of excellent quality, delighting with the precision of the smallest details. Eye-catching necklaces, beautiful bracelets and earrings emphasize the beauty of the owner's eyes. Artists, wives and singles, mature ladies and high school students wear them with pleasure.
We invite you to familiarize yourself with the detailed offer of the SPARK online store! We guarantee that our accessories will take you by the heart and you will want to take at least one copy with you home. In case of any doubts, please contact our Customer Service Department

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