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Jak dobrać srebrny ślubny naszyjnik do rodzaju dekoltu?


When the days get longer, the temperature outside the window increases and the snow is slowly melting, it is a sign that the awaited spring is coming soon. Although it will be a long time before we see the buds on the stems of trees and shrubs, it is worth preparing for the arrival of the most joyful season of the year.


February is undeniably a month of love. Although not everyone celebrates Valentine's Day, certainly everyone knows that the color assigned to love is red. What jewelry for Valentine's Day will turn out to be the best choice


It’s difficult to compare Light Chrome to any other Swarovski crystal. This stone is enchanting and draws attention, especially when it catches the rays of sun. It resembles a mirror but without reflecting everything perfectly, and the metallic surface awes women of all ages, occupations and tastes.

FASHION TRENDS: what to wear in fall/winter 2019?

When we think of Fall, we usually think of short and bleak days. The Summer is slowly passing and with it our energy and passion to play with our style. It’s time to change that! This fall the fashion world defies all the stereotypes.

Fashion contrasts: Clothes vs Jewelry

How to choose the best jewelry for your outfit? There is no final answer for this question. Things such as skin tone, cut and even the choice of shoes, cause us to create new combinations.


SPARK SILVER JEWELLERY invites women to the magical, colourful world of breathtaking jewllwery.

Silver earrings

Our collection is based on Swarovski crystals known and loved by women. They are characterized not only by the amazing ability to reflect light, but also by their expressive...

Our collection is based on Swarovski crystals known and loved by women. They are characterized not only by the amazing ability to reflect light, but also by their expressive cuts. SPARK earrings are made of high-quality 925 silver and multi-colored stones, which are also extremely popular in Poland. Original jewelry is a perfect addition to an evening dress or everyday outfit. Classic models will also work during a business meeting, and sophisticated forms will be suitable for a romantic dinner.

Silver earrings from SPARK in competitive prices

Shopping online does not have to strain your home budget. Our offer includes silver products at bargain prices. Unusual jewelry will be useful for every occasion. Eye-catching earrings in many variants are spectacularly shimmering ornaments that are particularly shiny in motion. Elegant sticks, charming pendants or crystal earwires are also a fantastic gift idea for a loved one. Our offer will surely include something for both the classic lover and a woman who likes extravagant styles. Swarovski silver earrings in glamor style Hanging earrings with Swarovski crystals give a woman style and timeless elegance! First of all, they perfectly match cocktail creations, i.e. for a special occasion. Decorations with English clasp are very comfortable and practical. The solid finish of SPARK earrings not only prevents them from getting lost, but also allows you to enjoy them for years. The color palette in our products allows you to choose the right model for the preferences or type of beauty of the future owner. It is worth to familiarize with our suggestions!

Silver earrings at the best prices

Original Swarovski crystals and silver of the highest quality are the elements that distinguish SPARK jewelry from other products. The unique aesthetics and precise workmanship makes them universal, silver earrings that work well at every occasion. The price of offered products means that everyone can afford to buy them. Our add-ons will work both at a lavish party and during an evening out to the club. The luxurious collection with the addition of iridescent effects makes the earrings sparkle with all the colors of the rainbow. Silver Swarovski earrings Beautiful earrings made of silver with the addition of Swarovski crystals fit most creations. This is an essential element of every woman's gift box equipment. Silver ornaments can attract more than one look. Our collections focus on uniqueness, i.e. a limited series of jewelry. Swarovski jewelry emphasizes femininity, which is why it is dedicated to brave and self-confident ladies. Silver earrings cheap and comfortable The store's offer includes products that were made of high quality materials. This means that the earrings do not cause allergic reactions and can be worn by everyone without fear. SPARK earrings is a guarantee of unique design and excellent quality metal, and most importantly, you can order them in a convenient way without leaving your home! Decorative screws or hanging accessories are available at attractive prices, which is why they are very popular. Unusual Swarovski crystals earrings that arouse admiration Swarovski earrings are the perfect choice for demanding clients who want to feel special. Jewelry from our offer was created with the greatest precision, so it can be used for many years. A wide selection of models allows full freedom in combining colors or shapes. Matching accessories to your circumstances or mood has never been easier! Every woman will find decorations that will emphasize her personality and temperament.

Silver earrings SPARK online store

Our online store is a place where Swarovski crystals are an infinite source of inspiration. The range includes products created from high quality silver: earrings, rings and necklaces. Modern design meets the expectations of women of all ages. The unique glow of SPARK accessories enchants customers at first sight. It is worth taking a closer look at all products from the proposed collections. High quality jewelry attracts glances and guarantees durability for many years. We are happy to advise you and choose the best type of earrings. Original SPARK earrings. These elements studded with colorful crystal glass look phenomenal in every light. SPARK jewelry is available in a variety of styles and models emphasizing the female personality. Our products fit most evening stylizations, which is why they have been enjoying interest that has been going down for years among customers looking for a unique style. Copies with English-style fasteners provide solid protection against losing an earring. Swarovski stones allow you to create an individual look and always look phenomenon.

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